Friday, July 9, 2010

Bargain-Hunting Basics on Polyvore!

Find me on Polyvore

Here's a little treat for all you bargain hunters out there!

We just opened our Polyvore account ( is the website) and are loving the collage-y feel of it all! Try it out, it's lots of fun!

Be sure to take plenty of water to beat the heat, as well as a hat and sunglasses to shield that pretty face of yours from the sun. If you'll be heading out super early or the weather isn't the best, be sure to take a jacket! Comfortable shoes are a must, as are cash and a notebook to keep track of the sales and shops you would like to see.

Best of luck this weekend, and happy hunting!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 13, Starry Night

We both love Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night." In fact, Younger Sis even made a beautiful rendition of it in oil pastels, which she gave to me as a gift. Here are some of our fellow Etsians' interpretations of the masterpiece!

(Top left to right, then bottom left to right)

What's your favorite painting?

~ Big Sis Shiny

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 12, Lovely Literature

We are big book lovers in the ShinyGoLucky house. In fact, when we were little girls our mom read to us almost every night - when she got to the exciting parts, she would sometimes forget to read aloud! Consequently, we were both very motivated to learn to read for ourselves. This week we're showcasing a collection of Etsy finds inspired by literature.

(Top left to right, then bottom left to right)

1) Red Stripe Hat with Bow from sweetpeatoadtots

2) Conceal Your Age - Pride and Prejudice Mug - Classic from Brookish

3) Hollow Book Secret Safe (Great Cases of Sherlock Holmes) from SecretSafeBooks

4) Not All Treasure is Silver and Gold from CloVen

5) Paint the Roses Red Posts from FrostedTreats

6) The WIZARD MERLIN and the enchantress NIMUE - Vivian - Tales of Arthur and Camelot - as TIE TACK - PIN or adjustable ring from FunckyTieTac

What's your favorite book?

Monday, June 7, 2010

What Do A Cabbage Patch Kid And A Scarab Pendant Have In Common?

We're so excited about both! Our wonderful mom just had her very first sale in her new Etsy shop, CarolsFineThings . This pretty little Cabbage Patch girl will soon be winging her way across the world to her new mama!

As for us, we scored this knockout scarab pendant/brooch and loads of other vintage pretties at a Memorial Day sale and we can't wait to load up the shop with them! We'll be putting them up soon, and our mom has a ton of treasures she's getting ready to list.

Did any of you score some Memorial Day finds?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 11, Happy Birthday ShinyGoLucky

Happy birthday to us! To our Etsy shop, that is. We opened ShinyGoLucky a year ago, and decided that such a momentous occasion as a 1st birthday merited recognition. So get ready, our shop is about to shove its face in the cake!
(Top left to right, then bottom left to right)

1) PINK and ROSE - Happy Birthday Banner from thecraftyboutique

2) Sesame Street Favor Party Bags - Cookie Monster, Elmo, Oscar, Big Bird from christinescritters

3) ITTY BITTY Bite Size PRINCESS CROWN Sugar Cookies, 8 DOZEN from sugarandflour

4) Infant/ Toddler Boys First 1st Birthday Lolli Dot RED Birthday Party Hat from littleoneboutique

5) Twins 1st Birthday Invitation YOU PRINT from justmeprints

6) MADE TO ORDER - Red Monster Pinata - No Pull Strings from Birchangel

Since al lot of things happen in the late spring/early summer, we've been wondering, do any of you have a major milestone coming up?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 9, Graduation

Congratulations to all the grads out there! Little Sis Shiny just sported her own cap and gown. We're so excited for all you graduates that we decided to celebrate this week!

(Top left to right, then bottom left to right)

What was your favorite graduation present?

Friday, May 14, 2010

And the Winner is!

The winner of our first ever ShinyGoLucky giveaway is Kimberly Marquez!

A big congratulations to her! We wrote your names on slips of paper, folded them up for supreme secrecy, and shook the around in the Ivy Mug of Destiny! Big Sis Shiny closed her eyes and chose Kimberly. Thanks everybody for participating!

Kimberly, please get us your mailing info so that we can send your new ring on its way to you!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 8, Guilt-Free Goodies


Ever been in a mood where you just want to buy a little something to reward yourself? Well now you can! Each of these fabulous items is available for five dollars or less, which means that you can treat yourself without any guilt! Whether it be a little snack, something to spruce up an outfit, or something cute to stock your purse or bathroom, these items can give you a smile without breaking your wallet. :)

Now that you've seen our picks, post in the comments section about your little impulse buys. Also, be sure to enter our ring giveaway, it's still open!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Giveaway Time! Put A Ring On It!

Feast your eyes, everybody! For all you lovelies able to decipher our incredibly complicated clue, ;) why yes! We are having a ring giveaway! It's our first one and we're so excited!

The rules are simple: The one lucky winner will get to choose one ring from this collection of five. For an entry in the giveaway, comment on this blog and tell us your favorite item in our shop , and which ring you would like if you win. For an extra entry, you can follow our blog (please mention this in your comment, and if you are already a follower, just say so!). Here they are again!

From left to right, we're calling them:
1) Tribal Beauty Ring
2) Rose Garden Ring
3) Orange Sorbet Ring
4) Basket of Wildflowers Ring
5)Violet Bloom Ring

The winner will be announced next Friday!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 7, Movie Magic

While we can't always agree on television shows, we love movies here at the ShinyGoLucky house! This week we're featuring all kinds of goodies to take you back to the cinema! With all the romance of The Illusionist, the wonder of The Chronicles of Narnia, the spectacle of The Phantom of the Opera, our fantasies of singing with Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge, the sweetness of Peter Pan, and the adventure of Indiana Jones, here's this week's lineup!

(top left to right, then bottom left to right)

Also be sure to swing by on Friday and enter our upcoming giveaway!

What's your favorite movie?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Giveaway and New Line Coming on Friday!

You heard it first! We've secretly been stocking our ShinyGoLucky inventory with a bunch of new handmade items and plan to unveil them on Friday! They're so cute, I can hardly wait to share them. To celebrate, we'll be having a giveaway!

It's all still brimming with secrecy and we won't disclose just what we are making. ;) But just for you, I thought it would be fair to give a hint!

Be sure to stop by Friday and enter the giveaway!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 6, Sealed With A Kiss

There’s something so romantic about letters, sealing them with a kiss. I love the thought of protecting secrets with wax seals and sending them off to trusted friends. This week’s collection is inspired by the expression “Sealed With a Kiss,” and once again Etsy comes through with glorious items galore!

A vintage compact, jewelry made with seals in mind, an old-time kiss, even the materials to seal your own letters – including natural, botanical wax with no petrochemical synthetic polymers! – Etsy, you’ve done it again! Our list of favorites grows ever longer.  : )

(Top left to right, then bottom left to right)

1) Circa 1920 French Powder Compact Djer Kiss - from CamelliaCollection

2)Natural Sealing Wax for crest stamp 2 sticks Red - from greencraftstore

3)Harbour Ring - silver - from blindspotjewellery

4) Shabby Chic Ephemera Wooden Art Ornament - The Kiss - from tasherajean

5) Hope - Wax Seal Pendant Large - from beadsss

6) Any letter wax seal stamper - fancy script wax seal - romantic letter of your choice - from waxseals

Who have you been meaning to write?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 5, Circus Whimsy

When we were kids, our grandmother took us to the circus. I don't remember much of the show, but I do remember how much fun we had! Here's a little touch of the big top for you to enjoy. Etsy has it all!

(top left to right, then bottom left to right)

1) Acrobat - from McCoyToys

Did you ever want to run away and join the circus?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Peek at Utah!

This move is definitely an adventure! We’ve been opening cardboard boxes for days. Fortunately, our Etsy things were among the first to be set to rights and organized.

Here are some pictures from the neighborhood – spring has sprung! We’re so excited to see the daffodils. We don’t remember them being in California. And does anyone know what these trees with the pretty white flowers are? They’re all over town and we’d love to know!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 4, World Tour

Younger Sis: "It's a world of laughter-" Big Sis silences her with a look.

Anyway, welcome to our fourth We Want It Wednesday! Since our last one ended with us jetting to Europe, we decided to continue the travel theme, so this week is a World Tour! We found lots of interesting things from the major continents of the world, and Younger Sis felt like she was learning stuff while looking for these exotic items.

So stay seated at all times, with your seatbelt on, hands and arms inside the ride, and let's begin!

Top row, left to right: starting in Europe, we have these beautiful Matryoshka dolls, or Russian stacking dolls. Traveling south to Africa we get this amazing mask from the Dan Tribe in Liberia, and returning to North America we head to the great state of Texas (practically its own country) for this lovely Texan flag wallhanging.

Bottom row, left to right: from the Asian continent we find this stunning vintage Chinese foot-binding slipper, go to South America for this jungle-themed necklace with matching earrings, and then head to Australia to get this boomerang painted in Aboriginal style.

Crikey, we're finished! What other souvenirs would you have brought home?
(top left to right, then bottom left to right)
1. Ornate Russian Matryoshka Dolls - by Jasmine2010
2. Vintage African Mask from the Dan Tribe of Liberia - by Retro58
3.Texas Flag Bluebonnet Wildflower Quilt Country Art - by aellisdesigns
4. Vintage 19th Century Chinese Lotus Slipper, Geisha, Embroidered Dragonfly, Bound Feet - by TheHilltopShop
5. Set of Necklace and Earrings assembled from carved wood and seeds - by BrazilianSoulImports
6. 15 Inch Hand Painted Boomerang - by VintageTreasures123

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sailing for Adventure - We're Moving!

You might not believe this - we can hardly believe it either! The ShinyGoLucky sisters are moving!

Like sailors from a bygone time, we're on our way to a different home port. No worries though, because our Etsy shop is moving right along with us, and will remain open! Items purchased this weekend will be mailed out as early next week as circumstances allow.

Big Sis Shiny will also be taking this post's cool pirate-themed items with her. They were discovered at a local thrift store (all but the map).

Los Angeles has been so good to us. We love the sun, the shopping, and the easy access to the beach! We're very glad this is where we spent our formative years.

We're also thrilled to be moving somewhere completely different - beautiful rural Utah! We both went to school there, so in a way, it's coming home too. Be on the lookout for some pictures of our new place!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 3, Lottery Dreams

For our third We Want It Wednesday, we decided that we wanted to win the lottery. You're all invited to help us celebrate! No such party would be complete without amazing Etsy finds, and since we're hypothetical millionaires, we've decided to focus on some of the pricier Etsy pieces. And boy are they worth the dough!

In the top row, from left to right, we start with a beautiful, hand-beaded Thumbelina necklace that Big Sis would be wearing to our soiree. It would be paired with a lovely sky-blue gown to complete her light and ethereal theme. We would be feasting on this fantabulous topsy-turvy Mad Hatter cake, and there's enough for everyone to have seconds!

From left to right in the bottom row, Younger Sis would be rocking it out in this fiercely glamorous purple gown, with an equally stunning purple necklace featuring intricate beading and polished stone. Once the sugar from the cake had the time to set in, we could all take turns swinging from this Parisian shopping chandelier! The chandelier would be slightly prophetic, because come sunrise we would all be hopping on a jet to Europe for a whirlwind shopping spree!

(Top left to right, then bottom left to right)

1)Thumbelina's Garden Necklace by thistledew4u

2)CM1031 Powder Blue Wedding Gown Reception Dress by ieie
3)Mad Hatter Cake by danhalbel

4)Madame X Ultraviolet Couture Crochet Eco Friendly Organic Cotton Bustle Wedding Dress by Krisztina Lazar - by TranscendentBird

5)Royalty by GoodQuillHunting

6)Whimsical Paris French Shopping Bag Chandelier - by whimsicalcollections

What would you lovelies do if you won the lottery?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter! Some Paper Toys From The Toymaker!

Spring is here and we are thinking about new beginnings. Easter is a great time to give thanks and look forward to the future!

Here are some wonderful, FREE Easter-themed paper toys and cards from The Toymaker. Just print, cut them out (with adult supervision of course!), and glue! Marilyn Scott-Waters is a talented artist who makes all kinds of paper toys available to print out and build at no charge. When you sign up for her newsletter, which is always a beautiful delight, you'll be sent a special link to download the Fairy's Thimble Theatre seen here! It is a gorgeous splash of color, so intricate and pretty. There's a handy field to sign up for her emails at the bottom of the general toys page.
We still have time to craft a paper bunny army!
Happy Easter, to one and all!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 2, Pop Culture Pirates

It’s our second We Want It Wednesday! Now Younger Sis Shiny is up at bat as curator. If you’re ready to fight zombies, join pirates sailing through siren-laden waters, and text Harry Potter about your upcoming visit to the Joker’s place, all with a refined sense of Victorian style, this is the week for you my friend!

Much like the denizens of the bookshelves and DVD collections we ShinyGoLucky sisters hold dear, this is an unlikely group, but one that works. Sort of like the Breakfast Club, or the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! As usual, Etsy is bursting at the seams with cool discoveries, and we are more than happy to share some recent favorites. (Top left to right, then bottom left to right)

1)Peacock Feather Fascinator with Rhinestones – by GlamItUp Toppers

What are some of your favorite unlikely combinations?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Thank You DawnWillBreak!

DawnWillBreak sent us some great news - we won her gift certificate giveaway!

DawnWillBreak's Etsy shop is a colorful delight, stuffed with treasures of both the vibrant and dainty variety. Frankly I am giddy at the thought of picking some treats! This is a picture of her gorgeous Warm Rainbow. Set of 8 Beaded Bobbypins: Aren't they dripping with summertime goodness? My finger is itching to click "Add to Cart" so act fast if you want to get them first! ;)

She also has a shop full of art and craft supplies, especially buttons in all sorts of colors: Perfect for you crafters that make such gorgeous button jewelry and use them to embellish scrapbooking.

Be sure to check out her blog too!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 1, Spring Cheer

Welcome to our very first We Want It Wednesday!

We see so many awesome things on Etsy all the time that the idea of sharing some with our readers made a lot of sense. We’re also treasury junkies, so we’re thrilled by the chance to showcase items without crossing our fingers to land a space on Etsy proper.

The first We Want It Wednesday lineup is a real treat. Spring has sprung and Big Sis Shiny is ready for all things cheery and cute! White daisies are her favorite, and you’ll find them aplenty here. And what could cheer you up quicker than pretty rainbow colors? Check out these beautiful items from our fellow Etsy sellers! (Top left to right, then bottom left to right)

1) Daisy Ring -- Yellow and White - by beauxbijoux

2) Patchwork Baby Toddler Quilt - Whimsical Rainbows - by thecrochetqueen

3) Ivory and Yellow Daisy Flower Cabochon, Adjustable, Antiqued Brass - by Bumbershoot Designs Here's her blog!

4) Vanmala's Melody - by Musicmaker

5) Happy Garden Hair Pins - by MiaBeads

6) Santa Barbara - Colorful Long Wooden Hippie Necklace - by dinks207

If you snag one of these pretties, be sure to let us know!