Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 6, Sealed With A Kiss

There’s something so romantic about letters, sealing them with a kiss. I love the thought of protecting secrets with wax seals and sending them off to trusted friends. This week’s collection is inspired by the expression “Sealed With a Kiss,” and once again Etsy comes through with glorious items galore!

A vintage compact, jewelry made with seals in mind, an old-time kiss, even the materials to seal your own letters – including natural, botanical wax with no petrochemical synthetic polymers! – Etsy, you’ve done it again! Our list of favorites grows ever longer.  : )

(Top left to right, then bottom left to right)

1) Circa 1920 French Powder Compact Djer Kiss - from CamelliaCollection

2)Natural Sealing Wax for crest stamp 2 sticks Red - from greencraftstore

3)Harbour Ring - silver - from blindspotjewellery

4) Shabby Chic Ephemera Wooden Art Ornament - The Kiss - from tasherajean

5) Hope - Wax Seal Pendant Large - from beadsss

6) Any letter wax seal stamper - fancy script wax seal - romantic letter of your choice - from waxseals

Who have you been meaning to write?


  1. what great finds! it's so nice to get a handwritten note and it just doesn't happen often anymore with email. I must make a point of sending more myself...

  2. that compact is really lovely!

    found you on etsy forums, i hope you'll come visit me too!

  3. I love the vintage wax seals. They were truly a work of art.

    Thanks for dropping by my Blog and leaving a comment.

    Mona ♥