Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 9, Graduation

Congratulations to all the grads out there! Little Sis Shiny just sported her own cap and gown. We're so excited for all you graduates that we decided to celebrate this week!

(Top left to right, then bottom left to right)

What was your favorite graduation present?

Friday, May 14, 2010

And the Winner is!

The winner of our first ever ShinyGoLucky giveaway is Kimberly Marquez!

A big congratulations to her! We wrote your names on slips of paper, folded them up for supreme secrecy, and shook the around in the Ivy Mug of Destiny! Big Sis Shiny closed her eyes and chose Kimberly. Thanks everybody for participating!

Kimberly, please get us your mailing info so that we can send your new ring on its way to you!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 8, Guilt-Free Goodies


Ever been in a mood where you just want to buy a little something to reward yourself? Well now you can! Each of these fabulous items is available for five dollars or less, which means that you can treat yourself without any guilt! Whether it be a little snack, something to spruce up an outfit, or something cute to stock your purse or bathroom, these items can give you a smile without breaking your wallet. :)

Now that you've seen our picks, post in the comments section about your little impulse buys. Also, be sure to enter our ring giveaway, it's still open!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Giveaway Time! Put A Ring On It!

Feast your eyes, everybody! For all you lovelies able to decipher our incredibly complicated clue, ;) why yes! We are having a ring giveaway! It's our first one and we're so excited!

The rules are simple: The one lucky winner will get to choose one ring from this collection of five. For an entry in the giveaway, comment on this blog and tell us your favorite item in our shop , and which ring you would like if you win. For an extra entry, you can follow our blog (please mention this in your comment, and if you are already a follower, just say so!). Here they are again!

From left to right, we're calling them:
1) Tribal Beauty Ring
2) Rose Garden Ring
3) Orange Sorbet Ring
4) Basket of Wildflowers Ring
5)Violet Bloom Ring

The winner will be announced next Friday!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 7, Movie Magic

While we can't always agree on television shows, we love movies here at the ShinyGoLucky house! This week we're featuring all kinds of goodies to take you back to the cinema! With all the romance of The Illusionist, the wonder of The Chronicles of Narnia, the spectacle of The Phantom of the Opera, our fantasies of singing with Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge, the sweetness of Peter Pan, and the adventure of Indiana Jones, here's this week's lineup!

(top left to right, then bottom left to right)

Also be sure to swing by on Friday and enter our upcoming giveaway!

What's your favorite movie?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Giveaway and New Line Coming on Friday!

You heard it first! We've secretly been stocking our ShinyGoLucky inventory with a bunch of new handmade items and plan to unveil them on Friday! They're so cute, I can hardly wait to share them. To celebrate, we'll be having a giveaway!

It's all still brimming with secrecy and we won't disclose just what we are making. ;) But just for you, I thought it would be fair to give a hint!

Be sure to stop by Friday and enter the giveaway!