Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 1, Spring Cheer

Welcome to our very first We Want It Wednesday!

We see so many awesome things on Etsy all the time that the idea of sharing some with our readers made a lot of sense. We’re also treasury junkies, so we’re thrilled by the chance to showcase items without crossing our fingers to land a space on Etsy proper.

The first We Want It Wednesday lineup is a real treat. Spring has sprung and Big Sis Shiny is ready for all things cheery and cute! White daisies are her favorite, and you’ll find them aplenty here. And what could cheer you up quicker than pretty rainbow colors? Check out these beautiful items from our fellow Etsy sellers! (Top left to right, then bottom left to right)

1) Daisy Ring -- Yellow and White - by beauxbijoux

2) Patchwork Baby Toddler Quilt - Whimsical Rainbows - by thecrochetqueen

3) Ivory and Yellow Daisy Flower Cabochon, Adjustable, Antiqued Brass - by Bumbershoot Designs Here's her blog!

4) Vanmala's Melody - by Musicmaker

5) Happy Garden Hair Pins - by MiaBeads

6) Santa Barbara - Colorful Long Wooden Hippie Necklace - by dinks207

If you snag one of these pretties, be sure to let us know!


  1. Lovely collection, and blog! Thank you so much for including my hair pins! ♥

  2. Such beautiful colors! Thank you for including my "Santa Barbara" necklace!