Friday, April 9, 2010

Sailing for Adventure - We're Moving!

You might not believe this - we can hardly believe it either! The ShinyGoLucky sisters are moving!

Like sailors from a bygone time, we're on our way to a different home port. No worries though, because our Etsy shop is moving right along with us, and will remain open! Items purchased this weekend will be mailed out as early next week as circumstances allow.

Big Sis Shiny will also be taking this post's cool pirate-themed items with her. They were discovered at a local thrift store (all but the map).

Los Angeles has been so good to us. We love the sun, the shopping, and the easy access to the beach! We're very glad this is where we spent our formative years.

We're also thrilled to be moving somewhere completely different - beautiful rural Utah! We both went to school there, so in a way, it's coming home too. Be on the lookout for some pictures of our new place!

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  1. Good luck to you in Utah! Beautiful country....I have lots of family there. Love your blog!