Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter! Some Paper Toys From The Toymaker!

Spring is here and we are thinking about new beginnings. Easter is a great time to give thanks and look forward to the future!

Here are some wonderful, FREE Easter-themed paper toys and cards from The Toymaker. Just print, cut them out (with adult supervision of course!), and glue! Marilyn Scott-Waters is a talented artist who makes all kinds of paper toys available to print out and build at no charge. When you sign up for her newsletter, which is always a beautiful delight, you'll be sent a special link to download the Fairy's Thimble Theatre seen here! It is a gorgeous splash of color, so intricate and pretty. There's a handy field to sign up for her emails at the bottom of the general toys page.
We still have time to craft a paper bunny army!
Happy Easter, to one and all!

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