Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Want It Wednesday! - Collection 2, Pop Culture Pirates

It’s our second We Want It Wednesday! Now Younger Sis Shiny is up at bat as curator. If you’re ready to fight zombies, join pirates sailing through siren-laden waters, and text Harry Potter about your upcoming visit to the Joker’s place, all with a refined sense of Victorian style, this is the week for you my friend!

Much like the denizens of the bookshelves and DVD collections we ShinyGoLucky sisters hold dear, this is an unlikely group, but one that works. Sort of like the Breakfast Club, or the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! As usual, Etsy is bursting at the seams with cool discoveries, and we are more than happy to share some recent favorites. (Top left to right, then bottom left to right)

1)Peacock Feather Fascinator with Rhinestones – by GlamItUp Toppers

What are some of your favorite unlikely combinations?


  1. The Lady Decay ring is awesome. Only two things standing in my way of getting it are the lack of green stuff in my wallet and the fact that it is sold out. XP Thank you for your comment also. ^-^

  2. Not sold out!!! I have plenty more ~ I just list them 1-2 at a time ^.^

    Thanks again for the blog promo!! <3

  3. yay for pirate goodness! hehe
    thanks for putting in my ship :)