Monday, June 15, 2009

Step Away From the Donut! Cameos are better!

Brave Younger Sis got up early and went to the opening of an estate sale last week, skipping breakfast. Address in hand, she combed backstreets looking for the place. It was easy to spot thanks to the crowd forming!
Sale-goers signed a clipboard as they arrived and were given numbers based on their order. Getting up early and skipping breakfast won her the coveted #40 position in line, LOL!
When they didn't open on the hour as they had advertised, the crowd started getting antsy. The sign on their front lawn stating that they wouldn't be held accountable didn't make Younger Sis (an intimidating 5'5" tall) feel any better. But eventually they opened up and prevented any bloodshed.
#40 got in maybe 5 minutes into the opening, and immediately started trolling for vintage jewelry. There were no prices, and bless their hearts, the people in charge were nowhere to be found. Eventually Younger Sis found a jewelry drawer filled with cameos, and knew she had hit the motherload. As she was selecting which ones she wanted to buy, they announced free donuts in the driveway. Dad tried to make her go grab one, but Younger Sis stood firm, and bought her cameos. She then went home, ate some microwaveable concoction, and took a nap.
There were no donuts for breakfast that morning, but Younger Sis brought home some treasures. This cameo and two others from the same sale will be available in our Etsy shop soon!


  1. Thanks for sharing your sister's story - it was very interesting and something I wish I did more often! I also LOVE that cameo and will have to check back to find out when you list it!!

    Kathy C.